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Hourly Basis

Accounting services can be divided into three broad categories: recording transactions, assembling them, and generating returns and financial statements. Although the first two categories require a lower skill level than the latter, many firms charge the same hourly rate for all three. This is why it's important to determine exactly what work you want accountant to handle


  • The monthly amount of time you save giving up bookkeeping (Multiply the hours you spend on bookkeeping by your hourly pay rate, being sure to include the overhead costs of any benefits).
  •  The potential new business you could obtain using that time. Suppose you currently spend 20 hours a month on accounting and could spend those 20 hours on business development instead. If it takes you an average of 60 hours to land a new client, and your average client accounts for $80,000 of business annually, the dollar benefit of the accountant would be 20 x 12 (or 240) divided by 60, which = 4 new clients. Multiplied by the average account’s fee, that’s 4 x $80,000 or $320,000 annually.
  • Potential financial gains you could make based on the accountant’s retirement planning advice. You can find average rates of return for various types of investments online.
  • Benefits of avoiding costly tax filing mistakes or fines (if you’ve ever had tax problems, you will have some estimate of how much these can cost.)
  •  An employee on an hourly basis hence has a very flexible work routine and also has the option of changing work hours, based on the employer. Contact us to know more about the provision of this service.







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