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Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer

A balance transfer simply is a transfer of one ’s balance in either credit or money from a bank account tosome other bank account, also often to another institution. Actually, it is most often used whiledescribing a balance transfer through a credit card. These Balance transfers allow everyone to movetheir own debts such as the credit card balances as well as the student loans, car loans, home loans,medical bills and any other bills to a zero or very low interest rated credit card for a limited or a

promotional period. The complete amount and all the types of balances that you can transfer all depend on your credit card and your credit score both. Moreover, balance transfers must be done only as per timings that are allocated by a credit card company. While there are many credit card issuers who offer 0% interest on balance transfers, the fact is important to be noted that some of the issuers do charge a transfer fee, which could be ranging from 0–5%.

We provide all services related to balance transfers. Hence one need not worry about the interest rates and any other matters related to balance transfers.







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