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Public Ltd Registration

Public Ltd Registration

Public Limited Company is a company where a huge investment is desired from the public.

A public company can go for the listing of its share at the stock market as it has no limit on its number of shareholders and can fetch it from the public through IPO. After listing of share, shares of the public limited company can be easilytraded onthe stock exchange. It normally takes 15-18 working days after submission of all requisite documents. But sometimes it may vary to 18-25 days also which depends onthe state of registration, as each state has its own Registrar of Companies(ROC) to register a  public limited company.

Public Limited Companies are those types of companies where a minimum number of members is seven and there is no cap on the maximum number of members. A public limited company possesmost of the characteristics of aprivate limited company.
  • A public limited company has all the advantages of the private limited company 
  • The ability to have any number of members
  • Ease in the transfer of shareholding and more transparency.
Identifying marks of a public limited company are a name, number of members, shares, formation, management, directors and meetings, etc.

Public limited registration seems like a very time taking process but actually is not. It is pretty simple. Feel free to contact us for the service.







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