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GST Registration

GST Registration

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the biggest tax reform in India, and has the following benefits:

  •   Tremendously improved the ease of doing business
  •   Has also helped increase the taxpayer base in India.
  •   It has brought in many small businesses into India by merging and amending several different taxes into one single system.

Under the GST regime, all parties involved in purchasing and selling of goods and services are required to register. Parties without GST registration are not allowed to claim or collect input tax credit from customers and could also be penalized. The aim of this new tax reform is to remove tax barriers between the centre and the states and to create a single market with the mission of ‘one nation, one tax.’

Registration under GST is mandatory once a party crosses the minimum threshold turnover or starts a new business that is expected to cross the prescribed turnover. In Northeastern states, hill stations, and states with special political recognition, entities with an annual turnover of 10 lakhs and above are to register under GST.

For a taxable person, GST registration is important as well as mandatory, and we as a company are here to help you with it.







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