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Trade Mark Application

Trade Mark Application

As unique as the product or service is, it needs to have a unique trademark as well to set it

apart. Starbucks, McDonald's, Nike are just some of those enterprises that you can identify

right away with their trademark. The most important function that it serves is that it allows the proprietor exclusive rights to using it and also seek compensation in case of any infringement.

The application process in India can be carried out through the official website, www.ipindia.nic.in. There are several forms depending on the requirement of the proprietor, for instance where the applicant is an individual or a startup, the TM-A form is filled,

alongwith depositing a fee of ₹4500 online.

  •   The application can take a long time to process, somewhere around 10 months to a year,

during which time the applicant can use the TM sign to prevent any copying or distribution of

the logo.

  •   After the registration certificate is received, the R symbol ensures the exclusivity of the service/goods logo and give the applicant sole rights to using it.

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