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FASSA ( Food Licence)

FASSA ( Food Licence)

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, commonly abbreviated as FASSAI was

established in 2006 with the aim to ensure the quality and standards of food being

consumed across the nation. It not only sets standard guidelines for the manufacture, storage and distribution of food products but is also involved in research efforts to find ways for improvement in these areas.

This consolidated several individual acts such as Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954

and Fruit Products Order, 1955 amongst others to provide a single point of reference.

In addition, it issues licences and registrations to Food Business Operators, depending on

their turnover per annum. For instance,

  •  For vendors and small-scale home businesses withturnover less than ₹12 Lakh, a Registration is issued.
  •    For those engaged in manufacturing,transportation and distribution food on a large scale, a License is issued, which can be eithera State or a Central one. 
  •    The former fl out Form A while the latter need to provideextensive details and documents while filing Form .
  •           The individual/enterprise is then issued a 14 digit registration number which serves as aunique identity and claims that it has undergone approval by the FSSAI.

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